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Holiday Gifts that are Perfect for Privacy

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

It is hard to resist the insane discounts from Amazon Ring cameras or various home helpers during the busy season of Black Friday sales and Christmas offers.

But the need for a security item that does not leech the information becomes an increasingly important consideration for buying phones, as more people consider the confidentiality when purchasing goods and services.

But Not Creepy...

We regularly find reports that look at devices that spy on or wake users, but less often we see the question: Which tech tools protect your privacy and security while you use them?

The Privacy Not Included List by Mozilla, which in its third year reviewed hundreds of items ranging from headphones to animal suppliers, focusses on popular products on both sides of the privacy spectrum. The document evaluates goods against its own minimum safety requirements and also discusses how the company protects the privacy. Consumers will also be asked to vote on how shy the item is.

In order to analyze their privacy credentials, we look at brand called "not creepy."

1. Speakers

Sonos ' increasing number of voice supporting features have been introduced at Sonos's long-term, but this year it launched a voice assistant, the Sonos One SL, which is called the Sonos. This phone encrypts the device and communications with other devices via Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth. There is no integrated mic, so you can be sure that no one can wake you up.

2. Coding kits

Kano adds Mozilla's list as a kids ' codeset to help you feel instinctual, without sharing any personal information with third parties, if you have a daughter. If you want to insert all your toes into the coding of beginners.

The business aggregates and anonymizes the information in compliance with its privacy policy for consumer analysis and profiling. Unlike Findster, mentioned below, this knowledge can be used to find out who you are. For example, the Harry Potter kit comes with a wall, which recognizes and compares your movements with your database via machine learning!), (but which stops when you install your wand.

3. Pet trackers

The tracker in this list may seem a little inconsistent. Moreover, if it is to locate a pet that likes to go off, the privacy risk of having a GPS tracker would appreciate this peace of mind. The least shrill animal tracker for Mozilla is Findster, which can encrypt location data and keep tabs for animals for up to three miles.

The biggest concern we have is that Findster sells or shares information with anyone aggregated and de-identified. As we wrote before, you can always use anonymized data to identify whether appropriate data is available. I would be less hesitant to give Findster an item to this or to make it more transparent about how it cracks your info.

4. Headphones

Unless Mozilla's list shows the privacy and security status of our smart devices, then most leave a lot to be desired. Even the least creepy products include incorporated mics and send their manufacturers de-personalized data.

There are also inadequate lists that enable user privacy and security to purchase products. For example, it has been hard to find high-quality headphones with a voice support feature not incorporated into their headphones. Perhaps if the lack of these eavesdropping apps becomes more apparent, businesses may be more likely to respect user privacy and security.

5. Gaming Consoles

The Nintendo Switch is currently on top of the "not creepy" list. It not only encrypts all of your information in transit and at rest, but also contains a highly user-friendly privacy policy, and it does not share your switching data with third parties for business or marketing. Though, there may be players, so be careful about that.

There's an infrarot camera that's used for a handful of games and can track Joy-Con controllers within a very limited range of the console, but there's no GPS monitoring (to the shame of those with misfortunes).

And more...

When the list of Mozilla's smart devices shows the state of privacy and safety, most of them leave a great deal to wish. Included microphones are even the least crapy products and give personal data to their suppliers.

There are also inadequate lists that promote the purchase of products that value the privacy and security of users. For example, we found it hard to find high-quality headphones, where a voice assistant feature had not been incorporated into your headphones. Perhaps if the lack of these marketing features was apparent, businesses may be more likely to respect consumer privacy and security.

The above apps are only a few that were picked in the full list of Mozilla that you can see here. And do not worry if you are short on time — these last minute gifts can always be made for that particular, privacy-conscious person.


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