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Hotspot VPN - Strongest Shield For Your Online Privacy

The Internet has taken over the world completely. And why wouldn’t it? You see something on your mobile screen, and you get it at your doorstep. You want to have a one-to-one talk with someone sitting in the opposite corner of the world, and you can do that with just one tap on your mobile screen.

Entertain, exchange, deliver, answer, connect, sitting in the comfort of your crib; who wouldn’t love that? There’s no denying that the Internet, which began as a means for business, has become such a crucial aspect of our day-to-day lives. Especially Social Media. What we eat- we post. What we wear - goes directly on the gram. Our thoughts, our beliefs are alien to none!

But with the transparency that lies with the use of the web, there also comes a threat. The threat that is steadily creeping into the very system of technology advancement. Did you know that every year approximately 71.1 million people fall victim to cybercrime? About 4,000 cybercrimes happen every day, and one could only imagine their vulnerability to becoming a victim!

The types of cybercrimes have also diversified over time. You could be a victim of Cyber Theft, Identity Theft, Online Scams, Phishing, Social Engineering, Cyberstalking, Botnets, and so many more serious crimes committed every day, the majority of which go unnoticed/unpunished. Do you still think an incognito mode would save you from these snoopers, hackers, and stalkers tracking your every move?

How exactly should one use the Internet?

Get a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It hasn’t been that long when people were hesitant to use Antivirus. Yet today, almost every internet user has some or the other Antivirus installed in their device. While VPN is a mainstream subject, there are still many people who are not well acquainted with the idea of using a VPN.

To simply put it, a VPN is an app that keeps your internet connection private. What you’re surfing should be your business and your business alone, and even your internet service provider shouldn’t have access to it. A VPN typically does that for you. It creates this encrypted tunnel for you that contains your internet activity, your bank, and personal information, biometrics, and all other information that only you should have access to.

Encryption works by turning the words and data into a ‘secret code’ that can only be read if you have the password, or else it would completely turn gibberish for any person trying to get hold of it. A person who has installed a VPN in his device can not only surf privately but also can bypass government censorship, surf anonymously, access all websites, and subsidize shopping and traveling from any place at any time.

Generally, selecting a particular VPN can be exhausting with the number of alternates available in the market today. But with Hotspot VPN, you don’t have to go through with that anymore. The new-age VPN service of Hotspot VPN has made surfing the Internet super easy, with zero strain of somebody keeping tabs on your activity online.

With over 1200 servers and over 20 countries to choose from worldwide, Hotspot VPN lets you connect and protect up to 5 devices simultaneously. Now you don’t have to worry about compromising the security of one device for another. You can protect your Internet traffic on the go with the Hotspot VPN mobile app available on all iOS devices.

Hotspot VPN is the best iOS VPN in the market today that make sure you stream all your favorite content across platforms like Netflix, Prime Videos, Hulu, Hotstar, and such, with the fastest Internet available, more importantly, with the safest Internet available. By changing your location in the app, a user can access shows that are restricted geographically even when you’re not a remote user.

Apart from that, Hotspot VPN is aware that not many of us have the luxury to afford WiFi services, so what it does is hide your IP address and put a temporary one in place of it, which makes you anonymous even while using a public WiFi, securing you from the many treats of using an open WiFi. Note that you never use public WiFi for online banking and financial transactions.

In Conclusion

Although the reasons why should a VPN can be personal, it certainly is the next big thing after Antivirus. As you’ve read, we don’t have nearly enough privacy and security as we expected we’d have when we’re tapping through the web. However, with Hotspot VPN, one could ensure to use the Internet with more privacy, more security, more anonymity, and more website access, all across the globe.

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