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HotspotVPN Evaluation: Finally, A VPN That Lives Up To Its Billing!

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

HotspotVPN collects more user data than any other VPN. But deanonymizing this data can be a bit difficult! Keep reading for more.

The information collected by them when you visit a website is discussed in detail in the company's privacy policy. If you're worried about your privacy when surfing the internet, this VPN is well worth your time.

This review will concentrate on the first connection, improved performance, and secure connection tests performed on the device. In addition, we will talk about the bottom line. We hope you have found this evaluation to be informative.

Establishing a Link

Initiating a connection is a crucial step to securing your privacy. Free proxies aren't secure enough to protect your information, so selecting a VPN is essential. Your passwords and other personal details won't be exposed to hackers with a good VPN. When you're in the United States, a Hotspot VPN will detect your current location and connect you to the correct server for your needs.

Their native apps are excellent with advanced settings. Fortunately, it works on some routers, and it's also available as an add-on for Chrome. Their native apps are straightforward to use.

They display the VPN server's location on a central screen and the amount of data you've transferred during a connection. Their Chrome extension allows you to connect to a specific site manually if your router doesn't support native apps.

Enhanced Performance Tests

The HotspotVPN has a satisfactory privacy record. While it is headquartered in the US, its workforce is dispersed worldwide. The free version also offers 24-hour live support and offers several server locations.

Finally, free users can use their advanced security features or torrenting. Better performance testing for them would be helpful to determine if it's a viable option for your needs.

Testing a Secure Link

One way to ensure that your internet connection is secure is by choosing the correct VPN server. A good VPN service should be stable, but you risk exposing your actual IP address if your connection stutters.

Look for VPNs with kill switches to prevent this, which suspend all internet traffic until the VPN reconnects. They also supports routers that don't support native apps and Chrome extensions.

You can contact their support through their website. You can get answers to the most common questions by reading their FAQ page. Live chat is available only if you subscribe to a paid plan. If you have a more complicated query, submit a ticket to the company's support team.

Bottom line: Finally, a VPN That Delivers!

Their services lives up to its billing! In contrast to most VPN services, They collects more information on user devices. For example, it collects IP addresses and device hashes and then anonymizes those data while ideal for privacy and security.

The HotspotVPN website is much easier to use than its predecessor. The main control panel shows the location of servers, load time, and latency. Users can also access the speed test and see how long it takes. Furthermore, this website offers Quick Access to specialist servers.

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