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Unblocking Games an Administrator Banned

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Administrator passwords ensure the security of the Windows operating system. They prevent unauthorized users from accessing your files and programs. And they also block games on employee/student systems. Are you frustrated? Don't be! This post will cover several methods of getting around these restrictions to unblock games that have been prohibited.

Getting Around the Gatekeeper

When Exchange ActiveSync is blocking a mobile device, there are two methods you can use to access unblocked games.

  1. For Exchange 2013/2016, use the Exchange admin center.

    1. Navigate to the mailboxes view, select the mailbox in question

    2. Select View details link on the right-hand pane under Mobile Devices. You should then see a list of mobile devices associated with the user

    3. Highlight the device you want to unblock

    4. Then, click the Allow button

    5. Save changes

    6. This change adds the device to the user's allowed devices list, and you're done.

Note: If you'd prefer just to remove the device association, click the delete button instead.

  1. Alternatively, you can use the Exchange Management Shell.

    1. Run the Get-CASMailbox cmdlet to see the blocked device IDs for the user.

  1. Add a blocked device ID to the allowed device ID list.

  1. You can also remove the device association. Use Remove-MobileDevice.

A Possibly Simpler Means of Access

Another means of ensuring your access to blocked games is by using a VPN. VPN benefits extend beyond this article's focus but remain an effective means of navigating around Admin Restrictions. They conceal your presence while logging onto any network and prevent access to your location and data encrypted, guaranteeing your connection is hack-proof. An excellent choice is Hotspot VPN. It provides an Ultra-Fast VPN service with unlimited browsing and streaming.


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