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VPN for iPhone: 7 ways to get the most out of your VPN

If you have ever been into technology and have been surfing the internet for a long time. You would surely have heard about VPN, with more and more companies preying on people’s data. Maintaining your privacy while browsing has become a really important issue.

VPN Technology was developed to ensure that user data can’t be intercepted and misused by any third party for their own benefit. If we talk about Privacy, Apple is the leading tech company of the world who is known to provide and ensure the best security and privacy for their users. There are a lot of third-party applications and websites that breach your privacy and steal your private data. To foolproof your security and privacy, you can get a VPN app for iPhone to ensure your data is safe while browsing the internet

VPN ensures they can work on a private network with no fear of compromise and more freedom to surf through the internet. Here are 7 ways to ensure you to get best out of a VPN service:

  • Identity Protection: Lots and lots of organizations ranging from government, third parties and ISPs are collecting user’s data on the internet and exploiting their privacy and personal data. VPN along with providing privacy protection also protects a user identity and data. Many VPN providers like Hotspot VPN have AES-256 encryption which makes your data unreadable, even if someone intercepts it. VPN encrypts the data and routes the connection through its servers. Hence, all information that could be used to link your internet activity to your device is encrypted or removed by the VPN.

  • Access geo-blocked content: It’s norm these days to provide very different libraries of content for different regions, which means there's a good chance you won’t be able to find some really good content just because you are in a different region. However, connecting through a VPN, you can access the content library of services like Netflix of a particular region. You can also access YouTube videos that are blocked in your country and also access services like BBC iPlayer or Hulu which are only available in some particular regions.

  • Protect Financial Transactions: With the boom in the ecommerce marketplace and the digital asset market. It gets very essential to secure your bank account and wallets to keep your hard-earned money safe. Without a VPN, your transaction details along with sensitive information like names and bank details can be vulnerable and accessed by hackers to steal your money. With Hotspot VPN your traffic will be encrypted and your transaction details safe.

  • Spoof GPS location: Your present location can reveal a lot about and be used to target you with ads and restrict you access to a lot of content. Companies use 4 different ways to get your location namely IP address, GPS, HTML5 Geolocation and DNS traffic. Hotspot VPN provides a feature to spoof your GPS location which will help you keep your location private and even enjoy applications and games like POKEMON GO who uses location for providing services.

  • Avoid ISP Restrictions: Many people do not have control over their internet provider. And many ISPs knowingly and deliberately restrict and block content to you. And limit you speed and access to torrent sites. VPNs lets you access all of the restricted and torrent content and avoid unnecessary ISP lag.

  • Maximize Your Bandwidth: Many ISPs are likely to impose bandwidth restrictions or throttling on your internet at some point. With a VPN no matter what connection you are using, your internet provider won’t be able to tell what you’re doing and subsequently won’t be able to make the decision to throttle your connection.

  • Improve Buffering Issues and Speed up your online gaming: As streaming and gaming Services are very popular, it’s quite normal for the bandwidth to get overloaded and cause buffering issues. VPN service helps you to circumvent this and ensure that you get better and smoother viewing and gaming experience.

With the exponential growth of internet usage these days, people are doing most of their work on the internet and the increasing number of cyberattacks has made people emphasize cybersecurity and secure their privacy and data. It is beneficial for every iPhone user to add an additional layer of security by getting a good VPN app for their iPhone. As you have learned that along with privacy, a VPN provides you with so much more freedom in browsing the internet. Hotspot VPN provides you to secure up to 5 devices with one account. You can know more about our services and pricing options here.

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